NovoTears™ contain vital nutrients and proteins that maintain healthy eye tissue.¹ When the eye doesn’t produce enough of its own tears, eye drops become necessary. But pharmaceutical eye drops lack the biochemical properties of real tears and can lead to persistent eye dryness.

pharmalab-logoThankfully, Hunt Valley PharmaLab offers patients NovoTears (generically referred to as Autologous Serum Eye Drops). Because NovoTears are developed from your own blood serum, they are non-allergenic and nourish eye tissue like natural tears.¹ Multiple studies have proven serum eye drops are far superior to conventional treatments when treating severe ocular surface defects.

You choose the NovoTears course that works best for you:

  • NovoTears 90 offers a three-month supply of custom eye drops.This gives you and your physician the opportunity to see the benefit of NovoTears prior to committing to a six-month supply.
  • NovoTears 180 offers a six-month supply of custom eye drops


¹ Geerling G, et al. The effect of autologous serum eye drops in the treatment of severe dry eye disease: A prospective randomized case-control study. Am J Ophthalmol 2005; 139(2): 242-246.

Why Choose Us?
Hunt Valley PharmaLab is a leading producer of customized compounded medications on an individual prescription basis.
We prepare personalized sterile and non-sterile compounds by prescription only. Serving patients and physicians since 1981, Hunt Valley Pharmacy/PharmaLab is privately owned and dedicated to serving our patients, physicians, and customers.

What are Serum Eye Drops?

Human tears are a complex, multi-layered film that protects and lubricates your eye.  Tears contain beneficial components such as growth factors and vitamins to support tissue health, structure, and growth.

Patients often do not produce enough of these components, which can result in problems that may lead to a loss of sight.

One common treatment is artificial tears, which provide lubrication to the surface of the eye but lack the natural nutrients necessary to maintain a healthy tear film.

Serum Eye Drops (SEDs) are often prescribed as an alternative to artificial tears as a source of lubrication and proper nutrients for healthy tears. Clinical studies have shown SEDs to be an effective treatment for dry eye and other conditions.

SEDs are produced from a patient’s blood serum or a matched donor (oftentimes a family member). We use your serum to produce a natural tear substitute that is completely unique to you.

Frequently Asked Questions

How much blood is drawn?
It depends on your physician’s orders, but typically, for a healthy, fully hydrated patient, we draw between 100 to 150 milliliters (ml) of blood to process your NovoTears.
How much NovoTears do I get?
Depending upon the amount of blood drawn and your physicians prescribed concentration of the final product, 100 ml of drawn blood
will typically yield 30 individual 3 ml eye dropper bottles.
How long will it take from the time I have my blood drawn until my NovoTears are ready?
We typically have your NovoTears Ready within 72 hours for pick-up or delivery.
Do I need to drink or eat before my blood draw?
Yes. It is helpful if you are fully hydrated so please drink lots of water. It is also helpful if you have eaten before you come in for your blood draw. DO NOT need to fast before your blood draw.
You say that NovoTears must be stored frozen until use, and then refrigerated upon use, what if I am out all day?
Because NovoTears are made from biological ingredients from your blood, it could support bacterial growth. Therefore, it is recommended that when you are out that you carry your NovoTears eye drops in a cooler.
Do I need to bring a cooler with me when I pick up my NovoTears?
No, we will provide you with a small Styrofoam cooler if you need one.

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